Rolla Herald from Rolla, Missouri (2024)

Rolla Herald ten. 21, ItSl' oooooooooooooooooo 99 C7J uaMntiuutiuiauiiuiiuHiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiuimiiuniiiiiiii Phelps County Hospital ANNOUNCEMENTS BUMIINU MATERIALS GARBAGE DISPOSALS uuiiiuuiBmiMwiHiniaiMmiiiiuiiiiiiuiiiiHiiiiiuiiiiui BIRTUS Win. Medford, I). C. OUILD1NO BLOCKS CONCRETE Ac IIAVDITE READY-MIXED CONCRETE ROLLA CONCRETE MATERIALS, INC.

0th St Frisco Tracka Phone 827 SERVICE See 3. M. Jcnklni. office at 210 CHIROPRACTOR SpUe, Nerve aad Feetare Tawadajr Oat Fa. It 8th Phone 830 To Mr.

and Mrs. Fsrrell liar ROLLA, MO. rlson, RolU. girl. PIANO TUNING To Mr.

and Mrs. Robert Taylor, St. James, boy. Leadership Sale Starts Friday, Feb. 29th III W.

Ilk H. rfcM IM Expert Piano 17 50 To Mr. fend Mrs. Hubert Easley, Yar Splat Is Year Lifeline. UIINESS DIRECTORY Tel 8323, Newburg.

Mo. Cuba, a gr. The la. Avrarmx Feb. II To Mr.

and Mrs. Henry Tank AUTO SUV1CIS FOR SALE MISC. Rolla Credit Bureau Credit Report! Collection Typhig Mimeographing ing, Rolla, girl ROLLA MOTOR PARTS rOK SALE OK LEASE 11 Feb. IS 210 Ramsey Bldg. () Phone 773 Replacement Parta for all Can To Mr.

and Mrs. Chloe Mc- acres mile frontage on 86 near 109 Weit 6th Phone 280 () Kinney, Houston, a girl. Rolla. Suitable for used car, Bookkeeping Service eg VI building material lot, ware To Mr.and Mrs. Otho Moutray.

MONUMENTS MONUMENTS house, trailer court, etc. Box Rolla, a boy. iovt Winding, Aitfof The Modern Monument Works RA, Rolla Herald, Rolla, Mo. Feb. II WILLIAMS AUTO SERVICE "Service All Makes Cara" United Motor Service Auto Light Agency () located in Rolla, Mo.

hai large 9 -18 pd To Mr. and Mrs. Llyn Bradford, $289 Rolla, a girl. Full 100-Vd. selection of monuments and markers priced reasonably.

Open Our jrfro Quality 124b. Until CASTE3 IP! Daring QQ4 yi. Sal only VO Spool I connected If desired. Hard-braided for accuracy Water-repellent Non.fsdlng black, vnm Longhy "lob Cotf unci cm My HP "Antl.inertla" spool You'll tide this reel mm OOSItollaSt. Phone 410 Feb.

II FOR SALE 4 -Room House, newly decorated. Furnished or 7 days a week until May 30th. Excellent "extra" reel or beginner's equipment. To Mr. and Mrs.

Lawrence unfurnished. Reasonable. C. A tig. Branstetter, St James, a girl.

Quadruple multiplying Durable; well Modern Monument Works Hwy. Rolla, Ma. Huntington, Newburg, Mo. AUTO LOANS $4 00 PER $100 Feb.

ta To Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rosen- FOR SALE Large lot, on Sal burg. Rolla, a boy. em Avenue.

Call 570M. 7-8 9p To Mr. and Mrs. Angus Mitch BABY CHICKS U. S.

Approved Pulloruni Panned All Popular Breeds. "Chicks That Live, Lay and per yrar USED CARS INSURANCE Phone 251 NEW LONG 810 Pine ell, St. James, a girl FOR SALE Two lots 40-140, two-room, good wash Feb. 21 To Mr. and Mrs Patrick Ryan, house, water electric on Charles Street.

St. James, Mo. Price Newburg, a boy. $1,000. See Newb Ray.

St. James To Mr. and Mr George Claus, 7 8 9 Rosati, a boy. Pay." Book Your Order Now for Early Discount. ROLLA SHAMROCK HATCHERY Phone 1071 (') Rolla.

Mo. WE REMOVE dead or disabled animals. Phone Rolla 1103. Central Rendering Co Jefferson City. Mo () To Mr.

and Mrs Wilkin Edgar, FOR SALE March 13, 1052, a Farmlnuton, Mo 13 females--27 Licking, a boy. Feb. 22 WANTED i HEADING HOLTS WANTED We have raised our prices on! beading holts cut 24 or 23 inches long, to SI 00 ixt foot for best I grade. We have also relaxed our; grade on heading bolts and give a good full measure. For top! bulls.

East Centrul Missouri To Mr. and Mrs. Francis Hereford Cattle Breeders' As sociation. For catalog, write Joe Stough, Rolla, a boy. Feb.

23 E. Hubbard. Farminuton, Mo toy Hf To Dr. and Mrs. E.

A. Strieker, Rt. 2. 8-llc STENOGRAPHER Typing Mimeegraphlng "Prompt Service" St. James, a boy.

To Mr. and Mrs. John Mann, prices haul to us. If you have standing timber for sale, or have real estate with good Umber on Roomy New 87 Cv. Ft.

8" REFRIGERATOR Guaranteed Tcp Quality $9Q95 210 Ramsey Bldg. Phone 773 Country Club PREMIUM PLASTIC Coach a Sedan Rolla, a girl. Feb. 24 Mt7 Coupes $1145 VETERINARIANS To Mr. and Mrs.

Clyde Huskey. it we will buy land and all. MASON STAVE COMPANY IBERIA, MO. 8tf Vlda, a girl. Easy Terms 24495 $498 To Mr.

and Mrs Bob Kecney, Wescote K3USE PART DR. SAM SCHENDEL tel. Famous, fadeproof "Saran" Elastic with quilted vinyl and silk-like rayon skirting. All the colore of the rainbow from which to choose. Actually styled like 7 Mstuuj up to 60l Belle, a girl.

TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES CASH REGISTERS CHECK WRITERS OFFICE EQUIPMENT New-Used-Recondltlened Guaranteed Repair Work on all makea. THEO. ZISKE SALES SERVICE Salem, Mo. Veterinarian gas WANTED Good used stoves. Will trade or buy.

Sm! 6th and Pine Rolla, Mo ADMITTED Fab. 19 Exceptional in hiding pow-r, whiteness and durabil- Exccp er, whiteness and durabil- Ramsey Furniture and Appliance Office Phone 1027 Residence Phone 782 () Paul Barnard, Elinor Rosen- rmuy-size beauty with 41-lb. full -width freezer locker. Gleaming porcelain inside and DuPoni Dulux enamel outside. Giant JD-qt crisper.

I handy door shelves, eto-lb. lee cube capacity, s-year refrigerating unit warranty. All at this km priest Country Cle Defne Fiber Covers, Cooches Seddns Store, Phone 648. () burg, Samuel Daniels, Rolla; 17. ine finest paint meats, lead, tine and titanium in hnjeed oil run only.

Thclma Lorts, St. James; Albert tlUS MIS Coupe RESTAURANTS Simmons, Sullivan; Amanda WANTED TO BUY Good Used Furniture. Will also trade. Ramsey's Furniture Store, Phone 643, Rolla, Mo. () Frost, Plato.

Feb. Joyce Schallcr, Beatrice Mace, CARSON'S CAFE "A Place to Eat That's Hard to Beat" 608 Pine Mary Frank; Alice Corry, Janet Ryan, Newburg; Lou Ann Edgar, aren WANTED High Prices Paid for Good white, chinquapin and burr oak timber. Independent Stave P. O. Box 104, Lebanon, Mo.

2-9c NOTICE DR. E. II. GOLDEN, 6204 Delmar, St. Louis, will continue treatment for correction of Irregular Teeth at office in Ash-er 7th and Pine Rolla, Mo.

Phone 154. Every Fourth Wednesday. Next date Mar. 12. Licking.

Feb. 21 3w K2L fZZTS to Fed V-8'f tun sm for 2 Wheel Marie Leaver, Rolla; Olive cantor BLACKBERRY PATCH 6th Between Pine Elm We make our own ice cream in many delicious flavors Hand packed Pts. and Qts. Claus, Rosati; Rodman Jackson, I $2.33 As law i PtstM tinge $6.65 Similar sav. ings o.i others.

iii.i Tilkon CARBBXSTC3 $9.95 fc exeh. Tr most G.M., Chryjicr cars. CARTRIDGES Licking; Nate Cook, Steelville. As FOR RENT 49c CRAKE FLUID 98c low .1 Others at similar savings. Feb.

22 Others, similar savings. ADMINISTRATOR'S Ruby Stough, Alice Parks. RMirt.M FEED MILLS Katherine Lenox, Louise Mann, Rolla; Ellen Bunton, St. James; John Quinton, Steelville; Terese Stephen, Barnsville, O. Feb.

23 SCHUMAN PRODUCE Complete Line of Dixie Feeds Green-Marked CCoal (Prompt Delivery) Model Flour With Print Bags NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That Letters of Administration on the Estate of Mary C. Dent, deceased, were granted to the undersigned, on the 6th day of August, 1951, by the Probate Court of Phelps County. Linda Kennedy, Rolla; Pauline FLOOR SANDERS Fl'Mr sanders and edgers rented Ij Ljiir or by day. Reasonable rates. Beautify your floors.

Suve 50 of cost. PRU1TT GLASS PAINT CO. Hi West Dth Phone 1255. () REAL ESTATE E. L.

MOONEY i REALTOR I Strieker, Fred Brauer, St. James; Carrie Heavin, Craddock. Feb. 24 CABINET MAKERS Wilma Huskey, Vida; Margaret Keeney, Belle; Eddie Macy, AH persons having claims a- Davis SUPER SAFETY Guaranteed 24 Mo 4-WAY RIM WREXCH Steelville; John Williams. Cape G-E Seated Beam HEADIAJKPS Replacement type.

Maximum lignt gainst said Estate are required to exhibit them for allowance to Girardeau. HARRIS CABINET WORKS Custom Built Furniture Kitchen Cabinets Furniture Repair 1101 Cedar () Phone 346 45 18 steel Double action safety tread Rayon Cord and Cold rubber. 6.00-13 85c Reg. 98c the Administrator within six months after date of said letters, Forged 4MR375 Real Estate Listing Sales Office, Scott Bldg. Phone 652 1705 N.

Oak Phone 276 Rolla, Mo. Res. $1.25 gg. Plus Tax each or they may be precluded from DISMISSED Feb. 19 Mary Bently, Edgar Springs; Florence Smith, Salem; Floyd Wade, Raymondville; Evelyn USED CARS any benefit of such Estate; and if such claims be not exhibited within one year from the date Bragg, Stanton.

Feb. 20 BURRELL BROS. PONTIAC CADILLAC Sales Service Highway 66 and Pine Street Good Used Cars New FOR SALE House and lot Inj Licking. Lot 150' 200'. 4-room house with bath, upstairs, basem*nt, hardwood floors and hot! water heater.

Write Box Licking, Mo. 8, 9c Penny Wiggins. Rolla; Earl Snelson, St. James; Lucy Flaim, of the granting of such letters, they will be forever barred. This 6th day of August, 1951.

Attest: Sam Hess lA) Judge of Probate. Hazel Dent Crutcher Administratrix 710c Rosati; Prue Humphrey and ba INSURANCE by, Waynesville; Myrtle McKin-ney and baby. Houston; Vera Hewkin, Steelville. For the Best In Insurance Feb. 21 OZARK CAFE Highway 66, business section near postoffice, theatre.

Long lease. Popular, prosperous, modern equipment, bus stop. Illness. terms. CORNMAN REALTY.

Cuba, Mo. 9-10 pd John Prichett, Paul Barnard, ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE AUTO LIABILITY FIRE HOSPITAL NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That Letters of Administration John Simmons, Gloria VanKlrk, Otto and Mary Jo Bradbury; Ellis Corry, Newburg; Larry Foss, Licking; Ronald. Headley, Salem. Feb. 22 Henry Van Booven, Joyce Schaller, Vivian Bradford and Fcr Vcfo! List, Sell, Buy, Through, MISSOURI REAL ESTATE Fully Equipped WESTERN FLYER M.F.A.

Mutual Insurance YODER, Rep. Phone 2513 on the Estate of Bessie J. Goggin, deceased, were granted to the undersigned, on the 18th day of February, 1952, by the Probate WIZARD Deluxe Vacuum $5495 tUIZQRD Master WASHER Ity Kw MdlSavfl $142.95 See Associates, D. S. Schneider, Ray Plank 1210 Pine St.

Hy. 19 it 68 Rolla, Mo. Salem, Mo. Phone 1344 Phone 701 BYRON E. Rt.

3, Bella Court of Phelps County, Mis $5222 Girls or Bovs baby, Rolla; WMa Walker, Edgar Springs; Vida Love, Sum-mersville; Earl Horsefield, Cuba; John Quinton, Steelville; Mary souri. All persons having claims a Sleek streamlined styling, equipment Rocket gainst said Estate are required to exhibit them for allowance to Finest Boesinger, Rice. Ray headlamp, luggage car Here's everything you 35 Leo W. Hlgley Says: want in a washer! For si i jjz3 0 Wii- 1 New safe dkpesable dwtt bag New easy-to-grasp handle Twin fens give more suction And outstanding for performance, too. The 10 easy -to -attach cleaning tools make housework so much easier since they help remove all the dirt! Feb.

23 Marie Leaver, Mary Sands. rier, chrome plated truss rods and rims, matching tank ard washes a big lb. load safely. Speedy Louise Moutray and baby, Lois gently action drain pump and chain guard. Double-strength welded frame.

Full year written guarantee. triiM.ii Tonking and baby, Rolla; Aaron snas-Droof aei itator V4 M- h.p. motor. jm Bunton. St James; Albert the Administrator within six months after date of said letters, or they may be precluded from any benefit of such Estate; and if such claims be not exhibited within one year from the date of the granting of such letters, they will be forever barred.

This 18th day of February, 1952. Simmons, Sullivan; Hannah Fox, Cuba: Teresa Stephen: Barns Since fire may strike at any home, And when yon least expect It, It's worth a lot to know you've got Insurance to protect It. rarsii I ek. mm a raei rei4 ville, O. Feb.

Susan Hoffmeister, Thomas S. Si Jones, Rolla; Florence Swyers, Attest: Sam Hess (LS) Judge of Probate Susan Hoffmeister. Frances Sturdy, Roomy KSflASSr 59c 2M aSSlN Robert Goggin, Administrator. Branstetter and baby, Edith Mitchell and baby James. IT WASN'T RAINING VtHCN NOAH BUILT rue AUK 8-12c I "1Be 45c on "Sofety Lite" SASSUBASS $3.39 STREAM EIXE CRIPS The skeleton of an insect is on the outside of its body.

Gets attention! Easy to attach. wxs I $U9 FKs any bike. LEO W. HIGLEY, INSURANCE 'When You Want It Bad. Yeu Want It Geod 119 W.

8th Bella, Mo. Phone 416 The coveted Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts of America is earned by nearly 10,000 boys each year. Read the Classtfleda.

Rolla Herald from Rolla, Missouri (2024)


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